Nov 21, 2010

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Scrapbooking Inspiration

Here are a few tips to encourage your creative juices to flow and to kickstart your scrapbooking inspiration!

The Soundtrack Of Your Life

Choose your favourite music album or an album that you feel inspires you or connects with any aspect of your life. You can then take your 10 favourite tracks and scrap them as they relate to your life. You can use the title or lyrics for inspiration, or even the way the song makes you feel. This exercise is a good way for you to tell people who you are and what you feel.

Creative Journal

A good writing prompt for your journal is using the first time you experience something. Your first holiday, your first kiss, your first day at college, your first boy/girlfriend, your first child. On the days when you need a prompt for your journal writing turn to your list and write about one of the firsts that is relevant to you.

You can also write about the last time you did something. The last time you saw a loved one, the last time you visited a special place, the last book you read… This is a great way to delve into your memories and have fun writing about the last time you experienced a particular event or emotion.

You don’t even need pictures to scrap these firsts/lasts! Just write. Describe the time, place, feelings, thoughts, and decorate the page however you like, and you’re done! If you feel you must have a photo, you can always take one! Or have someone else take one. Or use a photo of you, taken around the same age. No one’s going to care if it wasn’t taken at that precise moment: the photo just needs to give a visual clue or trigger to give an idea of what you were like at that time.

Photographic Interview

This idea would make a great Book Of Me layout! Make a list of 20 questions and answer them by taking a photograph. This is a fantastic way to let others get to know you through images instead of words.

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